Thursday, March 17, 2011

[cambodia 2010] climbing pre rup

cambodia travel diary day 2

we decided to go to pre rup to catch the sunset over angkor. pre rup is a slightly less popular sunset viewing spot, the most popular is at bakheng but our tour guide advised against it because it was a really steep climb and it would be extremely crowded. we reached pre rup around 5pm, not the first ones but we still got great viewing spots.

pre rup is thought to be a funerary temple and it's architecture is considerably less elaborate as the other temples we had visited. but with its three towers and tufts of grass sticking out from the summits, pre rup is somewhat more mysterious than the rest.

check out the steep steps we had to climb. you really had to go on all fours to make it safely to the top. but the effort is so worth it! like any cheeky kid, of course i had to immortalise my parents' huffing and puffing efforts to climb up the steps. heh.

golden half, ferrania solaris 400


  1. lovely pictures from cambodia. I have been to siem reap 1 year ago and it was simply magical! thanks for taking me back!

  2. hi kristina, that's one of the loveliest things someone could say to me for my photography! i hope you enjoyed the whole series.


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