Sunday, January 9, 2011

click & whirl, the picture appears!


while packing my cameras for the trip to cambodia, i was convinced by rhianne to bring my fuji instax mini along for the ride as well. never for one second did i regret it! we got family photos on the spot and whoever it was that i asked to help with pictures were instantly charmed by it. everyone was surprised when the picture popped out at the top. it was so funnyyy to see their surprised faces! when i next travel, you can be sure the instax will be the first thing i throw (not literally of course) into my bag!

i took instaxs at almost every spot we visited, including a family picture whenever possible. i think my dad is secretly fascinated, he keeps asking to see the pictures and telling people about those photos when we got home. haha!

the first three pictures are from tonle sap, the largest freshwater lake in southeast asia. there are many communities who live on the river and on the banks of the river. the next three pictures are from angkor wat. the green/black spot in the fourth picture is actually the sun! unfortunately the last picture wasn't exposed very well, not much light and we were a bit too far from the camera :( most of the pictures that i took within angkor wat wasn't exposed very well because of the lack of light.

p/s: i apologise for the border around the pictures, it comes along with the template and i can't figure out how to get rid of it. because of the way i cropped my pictures after scanning them, it looks rather untidy.

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  1. Yeay, I'm so glad you took it, they turned out wonderfully :)


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