Saturday, January 15, 2011

[cambodia 2010] fisheye view of tonle sap

cambodia travel diary day 1

in khmer, tonle sap means large fresh water river or great lake. it is the biggest freshwater lake in southeast asia! being a fertile area for fishing and fish being a staple in the cambodian diet, there are many communities who live along the banks of tonle sap. they are mostly ethnic cambodians, vietnamese and chinese. our guide informed us that you could identity the ethnicity of the people by the colour of their houses. and it is usually the chinese who run little businesses on the waters. on the lake, there are all kinds of floating houses, including a church (above), schools, football court and shops! it was kind of mind-boggling to see entire lives being lived out on the waters.

travel tip

if you should ever visit tonle sap, check if your boat has a roof you can sit on. i spied a ladder on our return trip and they let me sit on top. it's the best way to travel the river. you can see for miles and miles with nothing to spoil your view! that's where i am sitting on in my photo.

oh, and dad, mum and little brother says hello! :)

fisheye 2, agfa vista 400


from  i ♥ instant pictures 

greg l: some were great, some were not so good, i still have much to learn about ISOs and each camera's eccentricities.

barbara: hi, thanks for visiting and commenting. i am a big fan of your blog!

rhianna: thank you! i am loving the colours of instant film very much!

from arriving in cambodia

holgadirect: thank you, i will work harder. thanks for linking me up on your twitter as well! :)

from around siem reap 

jihee: hi! so glad you found me! looking forward to get to know you better! :))

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