Sunday, December 12, 2010

lomotion school doubles competition

a little while back, i mentioned that i joined a doubles competition on singapore's lomography forum lomotion. i got news late last month that me and my partner won second place! i gasped fairly loudly in public when i saw the text from the organiser! both of us won a $50 voucher for thirtysix, the toy camera store in singapore. i have been down to the store but i can't decide what to get yet. the smena 8m is very tempting but i have more than enough cameras for the time being (ahemahem!). i will probably use it to buy films that i usually wouldn't get.

while i ponder how best to use my prize money, here are some of the shots in the roll that i really liked. i used my holga 135bc while my partner used his lc-a. film is kodak ektar 100.

doubles, holga 135bc + lc-a, kodak ektar 100


  1. these are lovely, congrats on second place :)

  2. these are lovely, congrats on second place :)


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