Monday, September 27, 2010

much love monday: tea, coffee and tv

Joining yet another weekly meme! All this weekly memes are so much fun. They give me a creative goal for the week and forces me to increase my observational skills as I go about my daily life. Ever since, I started playing with toy cameras, I have noticed myself becoming more observant to my surroundings and noticing little things that I would never have noticed before. Each day becomes more interesting because it is never quite the same despite the fact that my daily life is rather mundane.

Anywayyy, on Mondays, I am going to start participating in Anna's Much Love Monday. Her blog, Much Love is endlessly inspirational and she's a big fan of film as well. So without further ado, here is my first 

I created this heart from the dredges of my tea last Friday night. It took me quite a few attempts to shape the tea leaves and so focused was I that I completely zoned out of the conversation going on around me. LOL!

List of Loves

* Tea, of course!
* Coffee, too. Today, coffee is not an option but a necessity because I slept only three hours the night before working on a project.
* Sherlock (the BBC series). Seriously, the most amazing television I have ever watched. I have always loved the Sherlock Holmes books but this show just upped the ante for me.
* Doctor Who (Series 5). I recently discovered the sci-fi geek portion of my soul. It was dormant for 23 years but Doctor Who released it two weeks ago. Right now, I cannot wait for the Christmas Special to be broadcasted!

Have a Happy Monday, folks :)


  1. cool photo! Thanks for joining in the Much Love Monday fun :)

  2. this is sooo darn cute!! totally makes me smile! :D


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