Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Hot Flash

I mentioned in my last post that my holga 15b flash broke down over the weekend. I was pretty mad/sad about that. Mad that I killed it and had to buy a new one. Sad that I couldn't take pictures of the night with friends that I don't see nearly enough because they study overseas. We are meeting up again this Wednesday so I knew I had to get myself a flash by then because they are high-tailing back to the UK and Korea soon. I trawled ebay, blogshops and local forums the whole weekend but couldn't find anyone selling it. The only option left was to go down to thirtysix, the toy camera store in Singapore. I have never been there actually because I usually buy all my stuff from ebay. The store was amazing, all the analogue and toy camera goodness that you could ever want. I felt like I was stepping on sacred ground! Unfortunately today just wasn't my day. I should have known from this morning when I had to double back for some documents that I had forgotten. 1) The black flash wasn't available, 2) the lomography xr redscale film sold out earlier that day, 3) I didn't have enough cash on hand and had to search for an atm machine because the nearest one was out of order. Well, Mercury is in retrograde so I have to expect some bad luck now and again.
Also picked up a roll of Lucky B/W film. I have big big big plans for this roll of film! Oh and photos were taken on my iphone and processed with the ShakeIt app. The first photo is kind of ugly, isn't it? My room is terribly lit and doesn't do justice to how awesome my camera looks now!

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