Wednesday, August 18, 2010

grad trippin' in south korea #5

Happy Wednesday, everybody! It's only the end of Wednesday but I feel as if I have been at work for five straight days. Soooo tired! I came home a little early and for once, I have a little time to blog during the week.

Roll 7 features my favourite place in Korea, Gyeongju. It was the capital of Silla, one of the ancient kingdoms that ruled the Korean Peninsular. Because they are many ancient cultural relics and sites scattered around, Gyeongju is known as an open air museum and have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gyeongju is slightly off the beaten track for most tourists but I really recommend that you go there if you are in South Korea. You won't ever see anything like it in the world!

Gyeongju is full of this little hills. They are actually tombs of the ancient Silla kings, queens, 

royalty and officials! They are the Gyeongju equivalent of the Egyptian tombs

Cheomseongdae, the oldest surviving

astronomical observatory in East Asia! Every

piece of brick was used with a purpose!

The best way to get around in Gyeongju is by bicycle!

And which such cute bikes, who wouldn't?

Queen Seondeok's shrine, the first queen of Korea.

The sunset was gorgeous that day!

And this is me, HI! :)

all sweaty and gross after a day of cycling!
roll 7, holga 135bc, ektar 100

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