Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello everybody, Earlier this year, I discovered the wonderful world of toy cameras and lomography. I spent countless of hours readings websites and blogs, learning all I could about toy cameras and the world of analogue photography. However when I bought my first toy camera, it was the Vistaquest 1015 Entry, a tiny digital toy camera, because I was still a little afraid of film.

I had lots of fun with the Vistaquest and in March, I finally decided to buy a Holga 135BC because I wanted to bring a film camera along for my graduation trip. Once I started using the Holga, well, that was that. I was hooked on analogue photography and lomography, addicted to the flawed perfection that they created so much so that I have barely touched my digital camera anymore.

That is why I am starting this blog. It is about my new lo-fi lifestyle. Who needs endless megapixels when one, two or three will do just fine? This space is for me to document my film photography and just photography in general. I want to pass on the word that no, film is not dead! And since it's also about 'lifestyle', I also want to remember and pass on the inspirational images that I have come across in my blog crawls. There are so many talented photographers, designers, enthusiasts and hobbyists out there that deserve to have more blog space to celebrate their work.

I am so excited to begin.

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